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This site showcases a selection of recently completed paintings and drawings.. The threads that bind this work together are a love of life and the psychological process of individuation. In both the paintings and drawings, I explore aspects of internal dialog regarding the modern existence. Many of the paintings are symbolic in nature. In some cases message is a meditation on the fractured elements of reality. How we think, time, nature, technology, dreams, the unconscious. The drawings explore those elements too but often I am also remarking on the poetry of life. The drawings and paintings show the modern women as I see her. Complex, beautiful, playful, contemplative. My portrayal of femininity is respectful and probably more reflective of my anima than an unflinching journalistic view of reality.

With technology as it is today, an exact photographic copy is less interesting to me as an artistic voice, than the expression of a philosophical ideal. I use the style of realism and at times employ some of the tools of abstraction. However, my heart and philosophical alignment is largely situated with the historical roots of realism. I have a reverence for life that I consciously work to make present in every piece. In my observations of our modern baroque lives I seek to find the positive and poetic.   

I also have a section where I sell a book of my figure drawings done from life. I draw on the first one or two pages of the book to create collector's editions. I often show the process of these drawings on instagram and my other social media platforms. I don't post everything but I do post on a fairly regular basis. The book itself is a selection of some of my life drawings. The collector edition drawings are quick abbreviated experimental sketches, often done in ink and other mixed media. Apart from being a lot of fun for me, they are my way of genuinely saying thanks to someone who buys that edition. 

Thanks for visiting my site. If you wish to purchase something or commission art for yourself please contact me. I'm always happy to work with and meet new collectors.