"Honestly don't what to say...you're from another planet altogether, Dorian. They're all perfect my friend. She is going to love them. I believe this will be a bit overwhelming to her; Her husband left her 10 years ago - like a Bruce Springsteen song - 'went out for a ride and never came back'. She raised those kids, by and large, alone. They are her world, and she is theirs. They have all become deeply entrenched in mine and I love the lot of them. THIS is why I love your Art. It is soulful, rich, unique, and helps me in my desire to move what's inside, to the surface. Every piece you have created for me, was born from love - my love for the subject. Your creation is an extension of that love. Thank you."

"The drawings of Anna and Amelie just arrived. I absolutely love them. You have captured them perfectly. Thank you so much!!"

"Truly magic! I LOVE them!!!"